A gem from Dr Seuss’s Sleep Book, highlighted among George Saunders’s favorite children’s books. Saunders is also an Edward Gorey fan.

"Let me close by saying, from the perspective of someone with two grown and wonderful kids, that your instincts as parents are correct: a minute spent reading to your kids now will repay itself a million-fold later, not only because they love you for reading to them, but also because, years later, when they’re miles away, those quiet evenings, when you were tucked in with them, everything quiet but the sound of the page-turns, will, seem to you, I promise, sacred."

George Saunders — who will be at the library on Feb. 26 — may be a prodigiously gifted author and creative luminary, but at the end of the day, he’s also just a dad. His children’s book recommendations are, predictably, enchanting and original. Check them out above!

(via explore-blog)