Apr. 30 LIVE guest Junot Diaz talks to Bill Moyers about how having access to libraries changed his life: "This is part of our civic resources. This belongs to all of us. You can do what you will, as long as you do no harm."

Happy Birthday, Bill Moyers!

BILL MOYERS: Listening to you, John, I struggle with something I—you may have written it in here, I don’t remember. You’ve said or written that you actors don’t think—you actors know this is a serious world, but you don’t think you’re in a serious business.And yet when I hear you talk, whether it’s about poetry or that performance in The Changing Room or about Shakespeare, this is the most serious business of all—making us feel.

JOHN LITHGOW: No, no. Yes, I consider it a very, very serious business and a very high calling but I also relish and value its frivolity, you know, its silliness. Half of what I’ve done is completely ridiculous. And I love going back and forth between high seriousness and total nonsense and mingling them. You know, it’s one of the things that I love about my favorite roles are villains who have an inexplicable good streak, good people who do inexplicably vile things.

BILL MOYERS: So when are you doing Nixon?

Watch the rest of his interview with John Lithgow from October 11, 2011 here…

Photo by Jori Klein

We also forgot to mention that the hilarious John Lithgow was here on Tuesday. What a great guy! Bill Moyers, always a fantastic interviewer, was also well-prepared and had some great quips. Click the image to listen to the whole program.