In exactly one week, E. O. Wilson will be on the LIVE stage to discuss The Social Conquest of Earth(Get tickets before they sell out!)

"The entire lives of the microscopic and barely visible organisms play out in spaces that human beings, among the largest animals on Earth, are inclined to dismiss.  For an oribatid mite, only a crawling dot to the naked eye, a rotting tree stump is the equivalent of Manhattan.  For a bacterium, the equivalent is New York State.  The woodlot may be seriously disturbed on a macro-scale, as perceived by humans who walk across it in a few minutes.  It may be littered with trash. Its trees may be second-growth. But around the base of each tree is an ancient and relatively intact miniature inhabitants. The soil and litter between the trees is their continent, and the nearby springtime pool is their sea." —E. O. Wilson