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Sep 09

"I Took Part": Werner Herzog on Truth, Fiction, and 'Parks & Recreation' -

When LIVE host Paul Holdengräber interviewed the legendary Werner Herzoglast week, the filmmaker made a big reveal: he will guest star on Parks and Recreation. For more on that, and so much more from their conversation, check this out!

Sep 05

Season Update: New Event! -

Choose Your Own Adventure: Three Inventors of the New American Lyric 

Get tickets NOW!

Sep 04

Discovery and Rediscovery: Awaiting Premieres by Ratmansky, Mark Morris and Justin Peck -

You’ve got to be doing something special for The New York Times dance critic to call you “the most mature and affecting creative voice in ballet today.” 

To hear from that voice - Alexei Ratmansky - join LIVE on October 8 by buying tickets now:

Sep 02

Slipping the Surly Bonds of Earth: On Ben Lerner's Latest – The... -

"“The earth is beautiful beyond all change,” Lerner repeats in 10:04, quoting the poet William Bronk. The inspired and inspiring accomplishment of his novel makes me want to say that, sometimes, art is too. And maybe — if incredibly — so might we be, ourselves."

Be inspired - with and by - Ben Lerner, at LIVE on September 16:

Aug 28

Floating Library Opening on the Hudson -

A floating library?  We’re intrigued…

Aug 25

Drawing Words From the Well of Art: Ben Lerner Imagines ‘Different Futures’ in His Novel ‘10:04’ -

“That’s one of the things I really love about painting,” Mr. Lerner said, “the implied history of other people’s looking. I imagine all these very different people who have stood before a painting, people who, of course, I don’t know. Generations I don’t know. Which is in the novel a lot, that what’s interesting about a picture or a book is the community of viewers.”

Be sure to join Ben Lerner at LIVE just days after the release of his new book:

Aug 22

William Gibson | LIVE from the NYPL -

On the very same stage that he will be gracing this November 12th, WIlliam GIbson remembered the impetus for the origin of “cyber space.”


Aug 21

Charles Dickens & A Christmas Carol with Neil Gaiman and Molly Oldfield -

TBT to when upcoming LIVE guest, Neil Gaiman, channeled his inner Dickens with a dramatic reading of A Christmas Carol!

Aug 20

Paul Holdengräber -

On the adventure of speech, the art of conversation, and the curation of public curiosity: an interview with LIVE’s very own Paul Holdengräber.

Etgar Keret: Except For That One Thing | This American Life -

If you love This American Life as much as we do, than you’ve heard stories from contributor Etgar Keret before. Here’s his most recent story, but you can look through the archives to find many more. 

In a not-to-be-missed event this fall, he is joined by Assaf Gavron, Gina Nahai, and Salar Abdoh on the LIVE stage. Don’t miss out and buy tickets now!