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Apr 19

“Beauty slips through the door of our rational thought and gets us to see the world differently.” — Sarah Lewis reflects on “aesthetic force" in a talk at the New York Public Library, March 26, 2014. (via explore-blog)

Apr 18


Apr 17

“The only regret I will have in dying is if it is not for love.” — Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1927-2014), Love in the Time of Cholera 

Douglas Coupland: Mood-Altering Drugs -

Apr 16

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Apr 15

“Remember, the best beer in the world is the one you brewed.” —

CHARLIE PAPAZIAN; The Complete Joy of Homebrewing (via theartofhomebrewing)

Charlie will be joining Steve Hindy (Brooklyn Brewery) and Kim Jordan (New Belgium) to talk about craft beers on April 25th!  Pick up your tickets here.

Apr 14

LOOK: Douglas Coupland's Giant Golden Tree -

Apr 13

“Within minutes of our first conversation, Karen Russell was describing the antics of a hypothetical sentient mustache. It would hail a cab and hop a flight around the world, she decided, sneaking away from its given face in the dark the night. We agreed it seemed a very mustacherly thing to do. “The mustache is not, like, paying its taxes.”” — A Few Very Important Facts About Author Karen Russell, from Gapers Block. (Read the full interview here)

Apr 12

Unusual Seder Plates, a Traditional Neapolitan Tart, Singani and More -

Look who popped up the NYT’s Dining and Wine section?!

Apr 11

LIVE from the NYPL | Douglas Coupland & Chuck Palahniuk by The New York Public Library -

You want to tune in to this one tonight.  Beach balls with glow sticks.  That is all that needs to be said.