A Reader’s Guide to Stefan Zweig

George Prochnik, upcoming #LIVENYPL guest and author of “The Impossible Exile: Stefan Zweig at the End of the World,” writes about Zweig for The Huffington Post.


"There’s always some strange and telling efflorescence of the human predicament to be observed in Zweig’s work. A line from his novella The Burning Secret was chosen as the epigraph for a collection of stories he published the year he went into exile: ‘Gradually he became conscious of the amazing kaleidoscope presented to him by life.’ It’s this kaleidoscope that Zweig ultimately sought to hold up to the reader’s gaze, and the response he sought to kindle above all was sheer marveling admiration for the varieties of human nature. As he wrote in one biography, ‘if we admire more, and more intensively, than others, we shall ourselves grow richer than those timid ones who content themselves with choice morsels of life instead of grasping life in its entirety.’”

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